144 Jobs in National Statistics Office in 34 provinces of Afghanistan

Job title: Surveyor

Number of jobs: 144

Location: 34 provinces of Afghanistan

Vacancy number: NSIA 001

Position location: 

  • Kabul 8 positions
  • Balkh 6 Positions
  • Herat 6 positions and
  • 4 positions in other provinces

Contract duration: 1 year

Gender: any

Education level required: bachelor or high school graduates with prior experience in survey

Closing date: January 14, 2019

Main Duties:

  • Participation in surveyors training course organized in national office of statistics and data
  • Surveying and data collection according to manuals of surveyors
  • Interviewing with at least 3 families in each day
  • Obeying the instruction of National statistics office employees.
  • Filling the electronic questionnaire according the training and manuals
  • Commitment to the pledge the done as a surveyor
  • Performing all the duties instructed by the office
  • Transferring the data from electronic questionnaire to Tablet
  • Sending completed data to central office electronically
  • Identification and describing the data collection issues and proposing recommendations

Conditions and requirement:

  • Obtained bachelor degree or high school graduation certificate with prior survey experience
  • Be familiar with Tablet, Smart phone and using internet and email
  • Experience in data collection and statistics interview performing
  • Be interested to learn and acquiring new skills
  • Be proficient in the speaking, understanding and writing the language of related province
  • Be able to do simple accountings
  • be between the age of 20 to 50 years
  • currently living in the province where the survey is done
  • be able to travel in all districts of the related province
  • each of female surveyor should have a male coordinator and vice versa.
  • Not have official job
  • Be able to participate in a written test and successfully pass the exam.


  • Be loyal and do not present incorrect data and fraud data
  • Be inspiring the families to participate in survey
  • Protect the privacy and personal data of interviewees
  • Data collection and precise entries of responses in tablet and electronic questionnaire
  • Familiarity with local measuring units
  • Be able to ask the questions clearly
  • Be familiar with all traditions of the local communities
  • Be able to work in all working hours in several days

How to submit your application

Elgible applicants should apply the following application form online.

Apply Now

For more information please contact 009377384122

Required documents to submit your application:

  • Photograph
  • Tazkira
  • Educational Documents in one PDF file

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