43 positions at Ministry of Agriculture,

Applicants who are interested to work at Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock can apply to 43 positions recently announced.

Organization: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Number of jobs: 43

Position rank: 3, 4, 5 and 6


1. Tak number and certificate distribution management: position rank: 5

2. Surface irrigation management: position rank:5

3. Video and Audio editor (position rank:5)

4. Photographer journalist (position rank:5)

5. General management of business

development services (position rank:5)

6. Darulaman farm management (position


7. Expert of vegetable plasm crime (position


8. Expert of industrial plants disease

(position rank:4)

9. Agriculture machinery improvement

expert (position rank:4)

10. Expert of cereals disease research

(position rank:4)

11. Management of gardening adjustment and

development (position rank:3)

12. General management of internal and

provincial audit (position rank:4)

13. General management of safety and

maintenance of IT systems (position


14. Binihisar farm nutrition manager (position


15. Expert of establishing chicken meat

projects (position rank:5)

16. General management of genetic sources

adjustment (position rank:4)

17. Technician (position rank:6)

18. Management of Animals disease sample registration (position rank:5)

19. Management of bacteriology vaccine production (position rank:5)

20. Evaluation and surveying management of Central clinics of animal (position rank:5)

21. Disease information Analysis and statistics management (position rank:5)

22. Management of Kabul Land customs sampling (position rank:5)

23. Animal products health audition management (position rank:5)

24. General management of claims handling (position rank:4)

25. General management of central recruitment (position rank:4)

26. General management of plan and reporting (position rank:4)

27. Expert of watershed planning (position rank:4)

28. Watershed surveying engineer (position rank:4)

29. Expert of watershed survey, biological and environmental studies (position rank:4)

30. Expert of Social and economic survey (position rank:4)

31. Expert of national communities and association registration (position rank:4)

32. Expert of fruitful forest increase (position rank:4)

33. Expert of project design for sustainable forests (position rank:4)

34. Wild life surveying, planning and maintenance expert (position rank:4)

35. Expert of surveying and Consolidation of protected areas (position rank:4)

36. Expert of protected areas monitoring (position rank:4)

37. Expert of national park and protected areas adjustment

38. General management of protected areas of Kol hashmat khan \(position rank:4)

39. Expert of medical plants exploitation (position rank:4)

40. Expert of alternative adjustment of pasture (position rank:4)

41. Expert of adjustment and registration of pasture users (position rank:4)

42. Expert of soil and plant coverage mapping (position rank:4)

43. General management of Projecting (position rank:4)

Eligible applicants can obtain the application form from the HR management department of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock located in Karte Sakhi, Jamal mina.

For more information please download this PDF File

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