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Administering and supervising all types of elections and referenda envisaged in the Constitution The mandate of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan has been granted pursuant to article (156) of the Constitution. Based on this article, the IEC is the only institution responsible for administering and supervising elections and referenda, and acts independently. The IEC is responsible for administering the following elections and is authorized to supervise any elections in the country.

Duties and responsibilities
1 The arrangement of the monthly and quarterly work plans in accordance with the relevant departmental plan for timely implementation of the planned tasks.
2 Settlement of the clients inside and outside the Independent Election Commission and determine the appointment times in accordance with the priorities of the work according to the plan.
3 Arrangement of important issues to be discussed at the meeting of the commission’s leadership and its participation with the office of the commission before 24 hours.
4 Duplication of Decisions of the Commissions Leadership Meetings and the Transmission of Oral and Written Orders of the Office of the Office of the Commission to the Departments and other relevant departments
In order to comply with and follow up on their performance.
5 Aware of the expected results of performing the assigned tasks during the appointment of the head of the commission’s office.
6 Writing and arranging of inquiries, suggestions and correspondence for obtaining the signature and guidance of the relevant chairman.
7 Set up documents in the relevant files to access as soon as possible.
8 Collection of requirements for relevant offices and the timely delivery of its facilities and equipment in full coordination with the Office of the Commission.
9 The Executive Director will report to the Director-General of the Office of the Commission on Administrative Affairs and provide the technical services to the relevant Directorate-General.
10 Studying and referral of the correspondence to the relevant authorities after the guidance of the head of the office of the Commission.
11 Reproduction of all orders, decrees, decrees, bills etc. The competent authorities shall be responsible for the performance of the relevant branches.
12 Guidance for new staff and transfer of experiences to them
13 Submit weekly, monthly and accurate reports according to the Format (SMART) to the Office of the Client
14 The quarterly and annual evaluations of the Executive Director are made by the Office of the Commission. Therefore, the executive director is required to comply with the performance obligations
Participate in a meeting organized by the Office of the Commission.
15 Carrying out other duties related to the duties entrusted to him by the head of the office of the commission or his / her deputy.

Education, skills and experience:
Minimum education level
o Bachelor Degree, BBA, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration, Other Fields, and Degrees The higher education is given priority.

Applicants can send their disability certificates in the form of a letter of appointment and a written application.
(iecsjobshr@gmail.com). PDF Candidates will be required to submit their application form and their original file.

Online Application

To apply for this job email your details toiecsjobshr@gmail.com

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