America Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery 2017

A program launched by the US Department of State since 1995, and annually reaches 50,000 permanent residents of the United States. Green Card is the easiest way to get a residence, work, and study in the United States.
Hobbyists can register by November 22nd. Insert correct information and personal details, fine-tuning photos in accordance with American visa regulations, and having email and protecting an approval number are some of the important things to be considered.
Required Documents:

Passport (or Tazkar if there is no passport)
Soft color photo to size (51×51 mm): –
Face of the subject The photo subject should be directly facing the camera.
The head should not be up, down, or left or right.
Photo with normal dress (Uniforms not specified).
Do not exceed 240 KB.
The resolution of the photo should be 300 DPI.
The background of the photo should be white.
Photos without Photoshop and changes.
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