announcement of Higher Education Afghanistan 2017

The Indonesian Embassy in Kabul has announced that the one-year educational program (Darmassova) for 2018-2019 to introduce the Indonesian language and art for young people in Afghanistan will provide the opportunity to continue studying for a bachelor’s degree in this country. Of course this is a non-degree program. And its terms are as follows:

The candidate is an Afghan citizen and is between 17 and 30 years of age (confirmed by a passport or a passport)
Candidate is single.
The candidate must be 12th grade.
Provide health report
The percentage of candidates’ ratings must be higher than 70%.
Submitting requested form
Delivering disasters in English
This study program provides you with livelihoods and tectonics, but the use of the residence is the responsibility of the student.
Preferably students.
He must have signed up as a student at a university (approved by a letter of recommendation from the University in the official letter of the University, signed in English)
Findings in English (Speech and Written) Certified by TOEFL
Complete the online registration
An article about the purpose of study (in English or Indonesia at least 500 words)
Dear hobbyists, you can visit the following website for online registration and additional information:

Required Documents:

The transcripts of the grades and certificates must be in English and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Having a nationality certificate
Having a passport
Five pieces of photo to the size of the passport
Study Plan
Letter of recommendation
English Certificate
Other Certificates
Accordingly, all eligible applicants who wish to study in accordance with the above conditions can apply to the Department of Higher Education abroad for registration by 15/11/1396, as of 2/2/2018, after registering online for obtaining other forms. They will also submit their form to the ministry, which has been perfected and completed online.

It is noteworthy that if the number of candidates is more than allocated, candidates will be selected according to the highest percentage of the three-year grades of the secondary school.

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