Announcement of pakistan embassy according scholarship programme

The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to announce the selection of following students under Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship programme for the year 2017-18 for MS and Ph.D.

List of MS Students

List of Ph.D. Students

The above-mentioned students are requested to visit Pakistan Embassy between 1400 – 1700 hours, on 28th and 29th September 2018 for submission of their passports. Students are also requested to complete all codal formalities of visa applicant (i.e. duly filled in visa application form, 2x Photographs, copy of Tazkira and copy of Passport) so as to facilitate them with swift issuance of Pakistani visa enabling them to start their academic carrier in a timely manner.

No student will be entertained after Saturday, 29th September 2018. The lists of remaining students shall be announced shortly.

List of M.S Student

Sr. No Full Name Father Name


2 NAVIDULLAH Walayat khan

3 Marzia Mohammad Zahir

4 Mohammad matin Khalilzad Mohammad Anwar



7 Minhaj Mohammad Naseer

8 Agha Mohammad Noor Mohammad

9 Noor Mah Sayed Rahimullah

10 Zabi Ullah Nazar Mohammad

11 Hedayat Ullah Mohammad Hussain

12 Zahra Nasir

13 Safia H Beshmillah

14 Shafiq Ullah Abdul Ghafoor

List of Ph.D. Students

Sr. No Full Name Father Name

1 Shafiullah Mohammad Sheer

2 Shamsuddin Rezwan Mohammad

3 Yahya Saifulmalook

4 Wazhma Frogh

5 QARIB UR REHMAN Noor hakim

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