Bangladesh Curriculum Varies at Different Levels

Bangladesh has announced the award of scholarships at various levels, including in the following sections.

Scholarship conditions:

Graduates from 1394 to 1396, whose percentage of grades is higher than 70%.
Choosing students at the university will receive more marks for IELTS and TOEFL examinations, maths, physics, chemistry and science subjects.

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Civil Engineering (Without Scholarship)
Software Engineering (Without Scholarship)
Business Administration In Technology Management (Without Scholarship)
Requirements Documents:

Educational document (school certificate)
The scholarship wiped out the home
Acknowledgment of medical examinations
Electronic passport
According to the scholarship candidates for the 1395/1396 scholarship, whose names are listed in the Ministry’s group lists that had already been published through the site and did not participate in scholarships in India and Kazakhstan, they will be referred as soon as possible to complete the documents.

Also, if the candidates do not complete the published list, the graduates from 1394 to 1396, whose percentage of their three-year marks is not less than 70%, can also be awarded for the scholarship from the date of publication of the notice until 20/5/1397 for the receipt and completion of the reference documents. To make

It should be noted that the details of the scholarship are available in the annex to the notice

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