Computer Science Scholarship at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany for Information Technology Officers of various departments

Computer Science Scholarship at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany for Information Technology Officers of various departments

The International Center for International and Intercultural Communication of the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) and the Information Technology Competency Center for Creativity and Innovation in Afghanistan’s Information Technology (ICT) Center, in coordination with the Civil Service Institutes of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, plans to launch a computer science master’s program for 25 ICT staff from different agencies / ministries for 2018-2020. Make

Program objective:

The Master’s program provides educational opportunities for 25 employees / specialists in the Information Technology Division of various government departments at the Computer Science Department at Berlin Technical University (TU Berlin). The main objective of the Master program is to provide opportunities for capacity building for government agencies in the areas of: Information technology, cyber security, software engineers and other similar sectors.

Master program structure:

The Computer Science Master Program is a two-year program that involves four semesters and covers the following main areas:

  •  Preparation courses
  •  Basic lessons
  •  Work on a practical project in Afghanistan
  •  Master’s thesis
  • It should be remembered that the full scholarship fee is funded by the source scholarship and is intended for participants in the salary program, and for those who successfully complete the program, a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Technical University (TU Berlin) Berlin is awarded.

    Scholarship conditions

     The candidate must have Afghan citizenship;

     The candidate must be the official government employee;

     The candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the computer science department (having at least 65% of the average grade of the bachelor’s degree);

     The candidate must have at least one year of experience in the ICT sector;

     The candidate must have proficiency in English;

     The candidate’s age should be at least 28 years;

     The candidate must be committed to returning to the country after completing the master’s program;

     The candidate must be aware of the program’s general objective and have an interest in developing the structures of the Afghan IT sector;

     The candidate must be fully correct.

    HP: It should be noted that at least 50% of the participants are selected among women.

    Documents required for the above program:

     Certificate of Education approved by the Ministry of Higher Education;

     The official disaster that has been confirmed by the department / department where it has been assigned.

     CV in English

     Copy of citizenship (color)

    To this end, all interested persons who are eligible for the scholarship will be informed. All requested documents must be submitted to the following email address: before 8/6/2013.

    For more information, call the following numbers:

    1. 0744153827

    2. 0700222159

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