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Three blank bans on the parliamentary ministry were competing

Click here for official website : http://smpa.gov.af/fa/page/7121

In order to achieve the goals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and recruit staff based on the principle of competence and merit, three bills of the Ministry of the Parliament in parliamentary affairs are deposited for a period of ten working days.

Eligibility can receive relevant forms from the publication date of the two-week announcement from the Human Resources Directorate’s Department of Government Affairs in Parliamentary Affairs to the State Department. For more information, call 0744430066.

Applicants are requested to apply for grants for civil servants to the Department of Government for Parliamentary Affairs.

The final form of the request for the services of the Ministry of State for Parliamentary Affairs

Applicants will submit the required application forms for the civil servants’ certificate to the Ministry of Government Affairs in the field of parliamentary affairs, after sending a copy of their documents to the following web-mail address.


HP: Please consider the following when submitting your requested form. Other than this, your form will not be downloaded.

Send all your documents in the form of a PDF file.

2. In the subject field, specify the title of the binding.

3. Send your letters of credit, letters of accreditation, certificates and other additional documents to you.

Apply for attached addresses. : http://smpa.gov.af/fa/page/7121

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