Immigration to America, What is the score table and conditions in the new Tramp plot?

President Donald Trump spoke Wednesday on a plan to reduce the immigration rate to accommodate the arrival of new immigrants under the scoring system, which has flown in Australia and Canada and has spurred Donald Trump’s admiration. Accordingly, if the plan is approved by the Congress, 140,000 visa per annum will be issued to those with the highest score.

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A young man aged between 26 and 31 with a PhD from the United States, fluent in English, with three times the average income of a household, will have the greatest chance of getting a US immigrant visa, according to CNN. Unlocking a Medal and a Nobel Laureate or Nobel Prize raises this luck. Applicants must obtain at least 30 points.

We will continue to review the criteria considered in this plan.


The age rating is based on the needs of the job market. 18 to 21 years, six points, 22 to 25 years, eight points, 26 to 30 years, ten points, and then scores decrease, 31 to 35 years, eight points, 36 to 40 years, six points, 41 to 45, four to 46, and 46 Up to 50 years two points. At the end, those who are less than 18 and over 50 years old do not get a concession, however, they can test their fortunes by relying on other criteria.


Educational grade is based on the highest university degree. Secondary diploma or equivalent, a degree, a bachelor’s degree from the United States six points, and a five-point outside of the United States, a Master of Science in the United States eight points, and a non-US 7 points, a Ph.D. from the United States 13 points and outside of the United States 10 points.

Skills in English

Linguistic scoring is based on English proficiency and is based on standard tests. Those who score 100% and the whole score of the test get 12 points, holders 80 to 90% of the test score 10 points and 60 to 80% score eight points. Those who scored less than 60% of the test score do not rate.

Information In Dari Language مهاجرت به آمریکا

Job offer

The rating in this area is based on the amount of job offer income for an applicant in the United States. If the applicant has a job offer with three times the income of the average household income in the state, 13 points, and if this income is twice the average income, eight points; and finally, if the proposed salary is one-and-a-half times the average household income, five points for him is considered.



Score is based on the amount of investment. If the applicant invests $ 1.35 million for at least three years in a new business firm in the United States, he will earn six points, and if the investment reaches $ 1.8 million, he will earn 12 points.

Special rates

Holders of the International Special Awards have a special privilege. For example, the Nobel Prize winner earns 25 points. For the individual Olympic prize winners, there are 15 points.

There is no place for “lottery visas,” and this type of visa will be stopped. In addition, the scheme does not require prior-level relatives of grade two or adult immigrant children who are currently living in the United States.

Information In Dari Language مهاجرت به آمریکا

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