MEXT Statement of Japan

MEXT Statement of Japan
26 the of August 1397
Japan has announced the award of 20 scholarships under MEXT for this year to undergraduate-graduate programs for Afghan students.

Candidate conditions:

The percentage of candidates’ undergraduate grades should not be lower than 65%.
Good physical and mental correctness.
Goal and eagerness to study, which will improve the relations between Afghanistan and Japan.
Have the ability and ability to write and speak English (for courses in English) or in Japanese (for Japanese language courses)
The candidate’s age should be less than 35 years old.
Candidate admission will be based on the results of the exam. The Japanese embassy will nominate eligible candidates and introduce them to MEXT.
Then MEXT is introduced among the students, chosen by their best practices, offered by Japanese embassies and consulates in all countries of the world.
Requirements Documents:

Nationality Certificate .
Diplomas and Trans cross Scores.
Health Check Form.
Split times:

First Stage (Deadline for Applicants and Home Forms Applications) – June 10, 2018.

The second step is to review the request form – mid-June 2018.

Stage III) List of candidates for candidates – late June 2018.

Stage 5) Announcement of final results – after December 2018.

The number of scholarships listed by the bailiff’s authority is 20 for the master’s degree program. If more than the number of enthusiasts are given, the applicants will be nominated for the highest percentage of undergraduate or master’s degree scores.

All interested persons are requested to apply for scholarship if they wish to participate in the scholarship of the said country, as soon as possible for registration until May 8, 2018, May 29, 2018, in order to obtain the form and completion of the documents to the Directorate for Foreign Relations and the organization of scholarships Masters Degree.

Please note that further information and application for the necessary scholarship forms are available at the following link.

For more information, see the following tips
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Click the link below to get the information
Click the link below to get the information

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