Poland Bachelor scholarship

The University of Warwick State of Pennsylvania has announced the award of two scholarships in human sciences for 2018-2019 to the Department of Higher Education, which has led the Department to provide eligible scholarships for graduates of the 12th grade The average of the grades of the last three years (94-95-1396) is above 90%.

Scholarship conditions:

Graduates from 1394 to 1396, whose percentage of grades is higher than 90%.
The candidate must have full knowledge of English (confirmation of the TOEFL or its equivalent).
The age of the candidates is less than 25 years old.
Confirmation of Educational Documents (Certificate of Attorney) with its translation in English certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Have a Citizenship Certificate by Copywriting in English.
Requirements Documents:

Educational document (school certificate with the transcript of three-year school grades)
4 pieces of a photo to the size of the passport
Copy the passport
Copy the Tazker with a copy of its translation
Accordingly, to the attention of all interested persons, the aforementioned scholarship will be referred to the Ministry of Higher Education for obtaining forms and other information before the date of April 24, 2013, and complete the documents, and the appendix is also available in the annex to the notice.)

click here to Ministry of higher education website

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