Top 30 Universities for Economics

1. Harvard University (United States)
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
3. London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
4. Stanford University (United States)
5. University of California, Barclays (United States)
6. University of Chicago (USA)
7. Princeton University (United States)
8. Yale University (United States)
9. University of Pennsylvania (USA)
10. Cambridge University (UK)
11. University of Colombia (USA)
12. Oxford University (UK)
13. New York University (United States)
14. University of California, Los Angeles (USA)
15. Northwest University (Nathan Wysteran) – (United States)
16. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
17. University College London (UK)
18. Australian National University (Australia)
19. Tokyo University (Japan)
20. Buccini University (Italy)
21. University of Warwick (UK)
22. Cornill University (United States)
23. University of Melbourne (Australia)
24. University of Monash (Australia)
25. Duke University (United States)
26. University of Mashigan, Anbar (United States)
27. University of Toronto (Canada)
28. Hong Kong University (Hong Kong, China)
29. University of California, San Diego (USA)
30. Hong Kong Science & Technology University (Han Kang, China)

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