University of Gloucester University, India

Goghutia University in the city of Greater Nojida, the capital of the Utrecht, Republic of India, has been providing scholarships at various levels, including in the master’s department, to the Ministry that a scholarship is 100% scholarship exemption and ten scholarships with 50% exemption. The Education Facility for the 2018-19 school year has informed the Ministry that the scholarship is limited to scholarships and the remainder of the applicant’s fees.

Scholarship conditions:

-The percentage of undergraduate grades is not lower than 65%.

Diploma and Transcorp Scores to English text.

– having a nationality certificate.

The scholarship is hereby notified to all interested scholars to submit to the Ministry of Higher Education the forms and information received by the Ministry of Higher Education before 10.5.2013. Further details are available in the notice in 5 sheets.

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