Wiki / Kabul Medical University

Kabul Medical University is located in Kabul province of Afghanistan, and this university has the following faculties but not limited to Medical, Nursing, Public Health, Stomathology, Supplementary Science

      Kankor 2017 the number of 10 Students were assigned to the following Departments in Kabul Medical University
  • (40) بخش نظامی ذکور
  • (29)انستیزی اناث
  • (30)انستیزی ذکور
  • (7)بخش نظامی اناث
  • (59)تکنالوژی لابراتوار طبی
  • (60)ستوماتولوژی عمومی
  • (40)صحت عامه
  • (80)صحت عامه عمومی
  • (150)طب عمومی
  • (60)قابلگی
  • (79)نرسنگ
  • (10)نرسنگ بخش نظامی