78 job at UN (United Nations)

2018-12-30 11:09 am

۱. Deputy Country Director – Program, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲. Country Director, Kabul, Afghanistan

۳. Finance Head of department, Kabul, Afghanistan

۴. Country Project Director, Kabul, Afghanistan

۵. Project Associate-TB, Kabul

۶. Protection Manager, Afghanistan

۷. Logistics Officer, Kabul

۸. Supply Chain Officer, Kabul

۹. Construction Supervision Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۰. Bridge Design (Structural) Engineer, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۱. Site Engineer, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۲. Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Officer, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۳. Procurement Associate, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۴. Traffic Management & Road Safety Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۵. Tunnel Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan

۱۶. Food Technologist, Kabul

۱۷. Security Associate (UNOCHA), Kabul

۱۸. Driver (UNOCHA), Kunduz, Afghanistan

۱۹. Portfolio Manager, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

۲۰. Psychologist – Mental Health and Care Practices Head Of Department, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲۱. A Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Coordinator, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲۲. Programmer (coding officer) SPM/LOTFA Project, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲۳. ICT Assistant, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲۴. QA/QC Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan

۲۵. National consultants / humanitarian evaluation specialists, Worldwide

۲۶. Afghanistan – Berater mit Schwerpunkt Koordination und Berichterstattung, Kabul

۲۷. Implementation of SenseMker Surveys for LOTFA, Kabul

۲۸. Programme Finance Associate, Kabul

۲۹. National Consultant (Administrative Support), Herat, Afghanistan

۳۰. External Relations Officer, Afghanistan Resident Mission

۳۱. Communication for Development Manager (Polio), Kabul

۳۲. Environmental Health (WASH) Coordinator, Afghanistan

۳۳. Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Maymana, Afghanistan

۳۴. Planning & Monitoring Specialist, Kabul

۳۵. Communication for Development Officer, Herat & Kandahar, Afghanistan

۳۶. Communication for Development Officer (Nutrition), Kabul

۳۷. Environment and Social Safeguard Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan

۳۸. Deputy Director Programs, Afghanistan

۳۹. HR Officer, Kabul, Afghanistan


۴۱. Infrastructure Technical Coordinator, Kabul, Afghanistan

۴۲. Drought Project Coordinator, Asia, Afghanistan

۴۳. Air Transport Economist, Afghanistan

۴۴. Finance and Investment Advisor, Afghanistan

۴۵. Aviation Training Expert, Afghanistan

۴۶. Law Enforcement Expert (Drug Control and Crime Prevention – Counter Narcotics Canine Centre), Kabul

۴۷. Graphic Designs – Retainer Contract, Kabul

۴۸. Country Director, Kabul

۴۹. Senior Municipal Law/Regulations Advisor, Afghanistan

۵۰. Human Resources Coordinator, Afghanistan

۵۱. Finance & Administration Associate, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

۵۲. English to Dari translation of an Afghani case study (10 pages), Afghanistan

۵۳. Grants Manager, Kabul

۵۴. Transaction Advisory Team for Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), Afghanistan

۵۵. Gender and Youth Specialist, Afghanistan

۵۶. Chief of Party, Kabul, Afghanistan

۵۷. Mining and Extractives Expert, Afghanistan

۵۸. Chief of Party, Kabul, Afghanistan

۵۹. Monitoring & Evaluation Senior Technical Advisor, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۰. Technical Director, MNCH/FP, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۱. Finance and Operations Director, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۲. Technical Director, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۳. Finance Head of Department, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۴. Head of Office, Bamyan, Afghanistan

۶۵. Pharmacist, Afghanistan

۶۶. Head of Mission, Afghanistan

۶۷. Country Finance Manager, Kabul, Afghanistan

۶۸. Chief Executive Officer, Afghanistan

۶۹. Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator, Kabul, Afghanistan

۷۰. Program Manager, Afghanistan, Kabul

۷۱. Head of Technical Unit, Rostaq, Afghanistan

۷۲. Senior Housing Engineer / Specialist, Afghanistan

۷۳. Project Director, Community Health, Afghanistan

۷۴. Head of Programming, Afghanistan

۷۵. Health Economist/Health Care Financing Specialist, Middle East

۷۶. Pharmacist, Afghanistan

۷۷. Chief Executive Officer, Afghanistan

۷۸. Call for Resumes – Chief of Party, Afghan Urban Water and Sanitation (AUWS) Project, Kabul

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