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2018-11-27 12:57 am

Although language proficiency examination, which are some standard tests measuring the student’s ability to read, write & speak English such as IELTS/TOEFL scores are required to get admission in universities abroad, many universities around the globe is accepting students without IELTS or TOEFL. Taking TOFEl or IELTS needs lots of effort, adds an extra cost and can be sometimes frustrating for students, if they do not meet the minimum requirement for admission.

Pathway (Bridge) programs is a solution to this problem offered by many universities. The program aims to help students to get preparation for different and essential courses as well as English. The duration of the program will be 9-15 months.

Countries in which universities offer admission to students without TOFEL/IELTS:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Holland


Australia is a developed country in the southern hemisphere. It has 7, 686, 850 square kilometers of latitude, the sixth largest country in the world. The capital of Australia is the city of Canberra. Australia is the second largest country in terms of space. Sydney and Melbourne are two of Australia’s largest cities. It does not have a land frontier with another country, and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean from the east, by the Southern frozen Ocean from the south, by the Indian Ocean from the west and by several seas and gulfs from the north.

Australia is also the main land of the continent “Oceania” which is the smallest continent of the world. The population of Australia was 20, 007, 310 people in July 2008. And with a relative aggregation of 2.6 people per square kilometer, has one of the lowest figures of aggregation in the world. The south-east coast of the country has a higher population density than elsewhere. One-third of the population lives in the New South Wales state and another quarter in Victoria state. The average population growth rate is 221/1, and in almost every two minutes, a new baby is born in the country. Australian natives has been estimated about half a million people, forming 2.5% of the total population of the country.

Australia annually attracts a large number of students from around the world to their educational centers. Over the past year, 450,000 students were studying in Australia. If we add students who were offered a distance education system (which some Australian educational institutes provide) to this figure, the number of these students will be significantly increased.

We remind you that, according to Australian law, the quality of the courses offered is continuously evaluated to be approved, in addition, the cost of the courses will continuously be monitored. Furthermore, all available educational fields must first be registered and approved by Australian law enforcement agencies.

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Why study in Australia? 

  • Australia is an English-speaking country, thus it is superior to many other educational institutions in the world.
  • Australia’s top universities are ranked among the 50 top universities of the world and the rest are ranked among the world’s top 400 universities.
  • The quality of education in Australia is very high and the degree of its universities can equal the top universities in the world.
  • Australia’s educational centers have a much better living costs and educational level than other educational centers in another Western Hemisphere countries.
  • Australian educational centers are constantly associated with the cultural and religious needs of students and help them adapt to the new environment.
  • Education in Australia’s institutions takes place in a safe, relaxed, and entertaining environment. According to Australian law, educational centers may admit a foreign student subject to certain rules. Therefore, there are unique facilities and services to support foreign students in Australia.
  • There are a variety of study fields and educational levels. There are at least 200 to 300 study fields per university.
  • Australian universities and educational programs are tailored to suit the needs of international students.
  • Australia’s educational facilities are equipped with all educational standards and are compatible with foreign students.
  • Australia is one of the largest multicultural and harmonious communities in the world whose people are very warm and intimate, and easily embrace citizens of other countries.
  • There is a possibility of 20 hours of working during study to all students in Australia. Each of these students can work 20 hours per week during their semester courses and work full-time on holidays. The work permit is provided immediately upon commencement of studies.
  • Unlike other countries, in most cases, students can migrate to Australia after completing their studies.

Universities in Australia that students can be admitted without an IELTS/TOEFL score.

  1. The University of Queensland
  2. The University of Adelaide
  3. The University of New South Wales
  4. Macquarie University
  5. Bond University
  6. The University of South Australia
  7. The University of Southern Queensland
  8. Swinburne University of Technology

The University of Queensland gives you admission if you have completed a full-time course where English was your medium of instruction, or if you have worked in an English-speaking work environment for at least five years. The University of Adelaide and Macquarie University allow students only if they accept an English program before the commencement of the course.
Bond University and The University of South Australia offer alternative tests, such as CAE, PTE. The University of Southern Queensland, Bond University and the Swinburne University of Technology also accept students whose secondary education’s medium of instruction was English. The University of Southern Queensland also suggests undertaking USQ pathway programs for admission to the university.

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The high percentage of interested students who wish to study abroad, dream of studying in Canada. There are about 73 universities in Canada approved by the ministry, with 16 universities listed among its top universities. About a third of the country’s research is conducted at its universities.

The existence of such good universities in Canada causes the increasing number of applicants to study in Canada. On the other hand, the Canadian government has paid special attention to education and spends lots of money on research every year. The bilingualism of the country, which gives students the opportunity to study in French or English, is one of the most important factors that gives students the right to choose. This actually makes the situation easier for them.

In addition, other important reasons that encourage applicants to choose Canada is the level of development and welfare of this country. Statistics have always shown that Canada has been one of the countries where the quality of its social indicators is in a desired position. In terms of safe economic conditions, Canada ranked among the world’s 10 top countries by UN. All of these factors and the quality of education at Canadian universities encourage students who wish to study abroad to choose Canada to pursue their studies.

If you have lived and attended school, for at least four years, where English was the primary language then you are not required to submit a proof of language proficiency.  Following are some of the universities that accept students without an IELTS or TOEFL score.

  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • University of Regina
  • Memorial University
  • Concordia University 


Many students wishing to study abroad, choose UK and its universities to continue their studies, and this choice has many reasons:

  1. According to official ratings, ranked by each of the most prestigious rating systems and rankings of universities, English universities have always been in the top positions.
  2. England is an English-speaking country and the best place to learn English. Many countries in the world speak this international language.
  3. Except top UK universities, it is not hard to get admission from its universities, and does not the challenges of other countries.
  4. Studying at UK universities makes it easier to work in different countries around the world. In fact, studying in the UK will provide a bright prospect to the future of the individuals.
  5. English universities do not have entrance examinations, and this is a very good advantage for interested applicants of studying abroad.
  6. According to a report published annually from the number of countries who admit international students by the Guardian collection, England is ranked second among international students’ priorities for studying abroad after the United States.
  7. The duration of study in England is less than in other countries. A bachelor degree takes three years and a Masters takes one year in this country.
  8. The vast variety of UK universities makes it easier for university students to choose based on the many factors they concern.
  9. There is a possibility to receive full or partial scholarships from UK universities. In other words, despite the credibility of universities in the United Kingdom, scholarships are also widely available at the universities of the United Kingdom.

Some of the universities in UK that do not require an IELTS score are:

  • University of Bristol
  • The University of Bolton
  • London Southbank University
  • Robert Gordon University

EU countries except for the UK

You can study abroad without IELTS or TOEFL in European countries, if you can prove proficiency in the English language by proving:

  • You have been educated in the English language during five recent years of study and English was the first language at the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) or O level (Ordinary Level).
  • You have been able to prove that you have good communication skills and your prior education was entirely conducted in English.
  • If you apply to study in the same institution where your first degree had been awarded.
  • If you have a degree which has been taught only in English.


Students can study in Norway without English proficiency tests.

  • University of Oslo: Only students from South Africa are exempted in the English language requirement in this university. Other students from Africa and different parts of the world may be asked for TOEFL/IELTS scores.


Official statistics show the high percentage of interested applicants to study abroad is choosing to study in Germany for their academic future. Germany is an industrial country known as the heart of Europe. This country always provides a suitable conditions to attract efficient and educated forces. Statistics released by the Guardian show that studying in Germany is ranked fifth among the international students’ priorities after studying in Australia.

  • German universities have always ranked among the world’s top universities according to various ratings announced every year by the most prestigious institutions and ranking systems of universities. QS, Shanghay, Times Rankings and … have confirmed this.
  • The cost of studying in Germany is much lower than in many other European countries. The studying cost in Germany in most disciplines and universities is negligible.
  • In most majors in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees, the language is German and English.
  • The possibility of global work: One of the benefits of studying in Germany is the possibility of employment in different countries of the world after graduation. Almost all major companies in the world confirm German universities and certificates issued by them.
  • Students can change their field after one year of studying at German universities. Changes in the field at German universities can be done frequently.
  • Possibility of employment in Germany upon graduation: Graduates from German universities are allowed to look for jobs in Germany for one and a half years. After finding a suitable job and at least two years of work and tax payment, you will be able to apply for permanent residence in Germany.


  • Inholland University: Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Holland accepts students from South Africa without IELTS or TOEFL.


Official statistics show that America is one of the priorities for international students. Studying in America and in the world’s largest science and research centers has become one of the aspirations of students and applicants for studying abroad. Any student or applicant for studying abroad has specific reasons for continuing their studies in the United States. But the most important reasons are as follows:

  • According to official ratings, ranked by the most authoritative ranking and ranking systems of universities, American universities are ranked first and introduced as the top universities in the world.
  • Scholarships for studying in the United States are available for undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degrees. Typically, scholarships are widely available at US universities, and many students use different types of scholarships each year at different levels of education. In other words, despite the credibility of US universities, scholarships are also widely available at American universities.
  • The possibility of global work. Studying at American universities facilitates the possibility of working in countries around the world. In fact, by studying in the United States, a clear vision will be drawn for the future of the individual.
  • Research Positions. Studying in America provides the opportunity to cooperate with the world’s largest professors and companies, which will play a very important role in their academic, research and professional future.
  • Variety of universities in America. The United States with thousands of different universities with high levels of educational quality, has always been a center of attention for interested applicants. The diversity and high number of American universities with high educational qualities will encourage every applicant wishing to study abroad to choose America.

Here are some of the universities in the US which do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores:

  • University of Colorado
  • Drexel University
  • State University of New York
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Dayton
  • California State University
  • University of New Orleans
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Iowa

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