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India Scholarship Announcement

Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan, the Directorate of foreign relations and scholarships has announced that ICCR Master degree scholarships’ candidates should participate in the exam orga... 2019-01-18 11:16 am
indian scholarships in Master and Phd For dari and more information click here/... 2019-01-01 4:32 am
292 indian scholarship programme ... 2018-12-19 12:55 am
600 Indian Government scholarships in master’s and doctoral degrees600 Indian Government scholarships in master\'s and doctoral degrees Maestro: 400 Sit Doctor: 200 Sit How to register: through the Ministry of Higher Education Registration termination: 20 Qaus ... 2018-12-09 11:19 am
Statement of the Directorate for Foreign Relations and the Admission of Masters Courses of the Quest Institute of the Maestro, with a discount of 60% and 75% in the Faculty of EducationDocument / Curriculum: Bachelor\'s Degree The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in New Delhi - India grants 25 scholarships from the Institute - Quest Group of Universities (IKG Pun... 2017-12-03 7:31 pm
25 scholarships In India for undergraduate and graduate degrees 2018Kuwaiti University, India, has been awarded 25 scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees with the following specifications: 2 scholarships with 100% discount on study fees and bachelor\'s... 2017-12-03 7:08 pm

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