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Form kankor Akadumi Nizami 1398

... 2019-03-06 10:26 am
1st up 10st grade exam test... 2019-01-22 12:02 am
44 Forms 1394 to 1395 (Categorized) with the complementary key Mathematics to prepare the first answer keys    download Mathematics to prepare for the second answer keys download Mathematics to prepare for the third answer key   download The... 2017-11-25 2:43 pm
Private Higher Education Institutions Kankor 96 registrationInformation is provided to candidates for the candidate\'s qualification, who are eligible for recognition at private higher education institutions, who have been appointed to the Office of the Union ... 2017-07-31 9:38 pm
Student Affairs Announcement 2017Student Affairs Announcement! All new students in 1396 will be notified to the Student Affairs Department on the following dates from the date of 14/15/1369: ... 2017-07-31 9:32 pm
Appreciation and encouragement Kankor 1396Appreciation and encouragement of Mohammad Mohaqiq, the deputy director of the country\'s executive directorate from Top 10 Kankor 96 ... 2017-07-31 9:22 pm

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