Indonesia Developing Countries Partnership (KNB ) Scholarships

2019-02-19 11:09 pm

If you are a student from developing countries, willing to continue your master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in Indonesia, you can Apply to KNB Scholarships.

About Scholarship:

Indonesia Ministry of Education introduced the Kemitraan Negara Bekembang (KNB) Scholarship for master’s degree in 1992. Recently the ministry of education has expanded its support to larger number of international students to pursue their education in Indonesia. In 2015, the ministry of Research, Technology and Higher education of the Republic of Indonesia started the management of this scholarship.

The main purpose of this scholarship is helping human resource development in developing countries, promote deeper cultural understanding and strengthening the relationship and cooperation between developing countries.

Scholarship details:

Instruction language: Bahasa Indonesia

Scholarship benefits:

Living allowance of 1,250,000 IDR upon arrival in Indonesia

Living allowance for Indonesian language preparation about IDR 2,550,000 monthly Monthly stipend of IDR 2,550,000 Research allowance of IDR 400,000 Books allowance of 350,000

Medical insurance up to IDR 200,000 Travel to and from Indonesia (economy class)

Level of study:

Bachelor’s degree Master degree


Indonesian language and master preparatory program : maximum 12 months

Master degree: up to 24 months (4 semester)

Bachelor’s degree: 4 years

Important dates: Deadline: April 12, 2019

result notification: 2nd week of May 2019 Confirmation deadline: July 24, 2019

Arriving in Jakarta: August 6, 2019

Fields of study:


1. History

2. Linguistics

3. Literarystudies 4. Philosophy

5. Anthropology 6. Cultural studies

Engineering fields

1. Engineering

2. Environmental

3. Mechanical Engineering

4. Informatics Engineering

5. Geological engineering

6. Naval Architect and Marine


7. Architectural Engineering

8. Civil Engineering

9. Chemical Engineering

10. Electrical Engineering

Science Fields

1. Physics

2. Biology

3. Geography

4. Chemistry

5. Remote Sensing

6. Computer

7. Mathematics

8. Statistics

9. Environmental Sciences

10. Public Health 11. Sports Sciences

12. PharmacyStudies 13. Nursing

Social Sciences fields

1. Law

2. Public administration

3. Political science

4. Sociology

5. Psychology

6. Economics/development study

7. International relations

8. Accounting

9. Management

10. Communityempowerment

Education fields:

1. Education science

2. Indonesian education

3. Social science education

4. Natural science education

5. Primary school teacher education

6. Out of school education /informal


7. Applied linguistics

8. Historyeducation

9. Instructional education

10. Educational management

11. Educational research and evaluation

12. Vocational & Technology education

Who is eligible to apply?

Be 35 years old or younger

Obtained a bachelor’s degree (not have obtained a master degree)

Have obtained TOEFL 500 or equivalent


Applicants should apply online. Download the invitation letter, submit it along with passport, academic certificates and academic transcripts to the Indonesia embassy to get the recommendation letter and apply online.

What documents are required for KNB Scholarship?

following documents are required (in/translated in English):

2 academic recommendation letters Recommendation letter from Indonesian embassy in the your country

Letter of nomination from the respective government official (ministry of education, other related government agency- Passport copy or birth certificate Academic transcripts (in English )

Valid TOEFL or other language score Official Medical statement

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