Special form for students in 14 passes | Form Akhtisasi 14 Pasan

2018-03-11 7:39 am


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1. The economics of the “economy” (chipper)
2. National economy (macro) (publishing book of Danish university)
3. Credit Credits (Chipter)
4. Fundamentals of Management (Soltani Campus)
5. Scale (chipter)
6. Math (chipter)
7. Fundamentals of public finance (Abdul Qayum Arif)
8. International Economics (chipter)
9. Insurance (chipter)
10. Budget (Zarif Jalali and Seyed Mohammad Tingar)
11. Islamic Islamism (Hamidullah Noor Ebad)
12. Calculation (State, Financial, Budgetary and Industrial) (Chipter)
13. Leader (chipter)
14. Control and Audit (Karimullah Favorit)
15. Procurement (chipter)
16. Measurement and Cost (chipter)
17. Financial policy (chipter)
18. Financial Management (chipter)
19. Commercial law (chipter)
20. Monetary Policy (Chipter)
21. Economic Measurement (chipter)
22. Probabilities (chipter (
23. Marketing (poor Ahmad Smith)
24. Project Management (Abdul Jabbar Ghyomi)
25. Risk management (chipter)
26. Human Resources Management (chipter)



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  1. Neghat
    2018-04-02 at 5:10 pm

    please do you have computer science’s quetions?

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