USAID Internship Program with the US Embassy in Kabul – Female Only

2019-03-04 9:34 am

We are excited to announce six attractive internship opportunities with the US Embassy – Kbl to interested and qualified female students, who will graduate within the next 12 months or have graduated within the last 12 months from AUAF, to participate in a year USAID-sponsored internship program in the following positions:

Office of Infrastructure (OI) Intern

Office of Education (OED) Intern

Office of Financial Management (OFM) Intern

Office of Humanitarian Assistance (OHA) Intern

Office of Agriculture (OAG) Intern

Office of Health and Nutrition (OHN) Intern (Re-advertised)

Further requirements for the above-listed vacancies are as follows:

Must have a GPA of minimum 3.0.

Be available for 5 days a week (40 hours a week for 12 months).

Apply for no more than two internships with USAID.

Shall not expect employment of any kind (part time or full time) at USAID or AUAF resulting from participation in this internship program.

Have no work experience.

Graduated in the last 12 months or to be graduated in the coming 12 months.

Please contact Career Services at if you need to learn more about the submission guideline or to review the job description for each of the position you are interested in.

Submission deadline:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – 9:00 AM

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